General Terms & Conditions

1 Contract Rates
All rates quoted are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Rates are nett and non-commissionable. The company reserved the rights to review the contract rates due to any changes to local taxes.
2 Reservation
2.1 Upon reservation, the following details should be provided :
  • Arrival- Arrival date, time and flight number.
  • Departure – Departure date, time and flight number.
  • Tour Code or booking reference number
  • Number of passengers and nationality
  • Itinerary with destinations
  • Hotel name & location
  • Pick up points and assignment time.
2.2 For reservation or enquiries, please contact us at the following :
  • Telephone Number: +604 6115901
  • Emergency/Care Line Contact: +6016 5508563
  • Email: [email protected]
3 Cancellations and Amendments

In the event of a confirmed booking is being totally/partially cancelled, a cancellation charge will be levied. Any cancellation received will incur the following cancellation charges :

Cancellations and amendments of Accommodations during non- Special Event Periods


Service Travel’s Period Notice Period Charges
Accommodation & Package Non Peak 0-10 Days 100% Charges of the Total Invoice
More than 10 Days No Charges
Peak 0-45 Days 100% Charges of the Total Invoice
More than 45 Days No Charges
All No Show 100% Charges of the Total Invoice
Car Rental, Tours & Transfers All 0-3 Days 100% Charges
More than 3 Days No Charges

Note: As a guide, peak seasons would normally apply during eve and public holidays, pre and post of Hari Raya Holidays, Chinese New Year Holidays, Christmas Holidays and school holidays in Malaysia and Singapore, any major events in Town.

4 Refund Policy

All booking is non refundable. If booking is cancelled, charges imply according to cancellations and amendment (according to clause no.3)

5 Acknowledgement of Booking or Amendments

All bookings or amendment of bookings should be sent in to company via email or fax. Customer/Business Partner have to ensure that they have received the acknowledgement to the bookings or amendments from the company. If you do not receive ant confirmation or acknowledgement from the company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the event of emergency or last minute booking (only within 24 hours), please call and sms the duty officer and keep the SMS replied by the company as acknowledgement should it need to be used as reference in future.

6 Revision of Rates

Rates quoted are valid for entire contract period but subject to changes should fuel or related products price increase. Rates from third party like entrance fees, toll and bridge fee, tourist guide fee and luggage truck are also subject to changes as these will be out of our jurisdiction. Please refer to us on these rates before the date of services should you need any updated information and clarification.

7 Sub-Contract

The Company reserves the right to sub-contract any part of the assignment to a third party which is called the service provider that has been carefully selected with proper documentation.

8 Arrival and Departure Time

The time of arrival and starting point, stop-over point, destination or return to point of origin cannot be guaranteed. Services provided by drivers or chauffer guides are carefully selected and have instructed to drive at a speed within the limit prescribed by law and compatible with safety at all the time. Unusual road, traffic and weather conditions are beyond control and therefore delays caused will not be the responsibility of ours or any service providers. Late arrivals due to these and other unforeseen circumstances are out of ours or any service providers. Therefore, these are not ground for compensations and cancellations.

9 Additional Charges

Additional hours will be charged after exceeding 30 minutes from the time allocated and will be based on 60 minutes block (including lost / delay of luggage, immigration clearance and etc). Waiting time for transfer in from airport and transfer out from hotel will be up to maximum 15 minutes. However, we will extend the waiting time for further 10 minutes should our next assignment allows.

10 Upgrade of Vehicle
Vehicle Class Vehicle Type Seating Capacity
(For Airport Transfer / Transfer with luggages)
Seating Capacity
(For Normal Transfer / Tour without luggages)
Standard Nissan Almera or Similar Category 2 pax(s) With 2 Medium Luggage(s) 2 + 1 Pax(s)
Sedan Toyota Camry / Nissan Teana or similar category 2 pax(s) With 2 Medium Luggage(s) 2 + 1 Pax(s)
MPV Toyota Innova or similar category 4 pax(s) With 4 Medium Luggage(s) 6 Pax(s)
Van Toyota Hiace or similar category 7 pax(s) With 7 Medium Luggage(s) 9 Pax(s)
Coach 27 Seaters 18 pax(s) Each With Medium Size Luggage
*For 27 pax(s), luggage Truck is needed for extra luggages
27 Pax(s)
Coach 44 Seaters 32 pax(s) Each With Medium Size Luggage
*For 44 pax(s), luggage Truck is needed for extra luggages
40-44 Pax(s)

*The Company shall not be responsible for extra luggage and all charges to ferry the luggage shall be borne by the passengers. However, the company will advise and assist accordingly on extra cost and vehicle(s) needed.

11 Objectionable Persons

The company and customer/partner reserve the right to refuse to transport person(s) under the influence of intoxicating drugs or alcohol or who are likely to become, objectionable to the other person(s) of the driver feels threatened in any way.

12 Damage to Vehicles

Customer/ Business Partner is fully responsible for all damages to the vehicle or injuries caused to passenger(s) or other any third person caused by any passenger(s) or any baggage, or other properties brought on brought on board or transported to the vehicle by the passenger(s) shall be charged to customer/ partner and is to be paid soon cost is determined.

13 Prohibited Items and Activities

The following items and activities are prohibited, driver or tourist guide shall reserve the right to dismiss the passenger(s). Charges of transportation and related services will be charged accordingly. This include :

  • Alcohol Beverages(s)
  • Explosive(s) and firework(s)
  • Fire Arm(s)
  • Fuel Container(s)
  • Generator(s)
  • Smoking
  • Golf & spiky shoe
  • All children aged below 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Other prohibited items and those deem dangerous by tour manager, tour guide or the driver concerned.
  • Any food or drinks in whatsoever packing on board
  • Luggage(s) to be placed on the seats.
14 Method of Payment

No payment is required when booking is made. Payment shall be made according to the payment deadline as per invoice. All payments for bank transfer should be crossed and made payable to BRAVO TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD.

  • Bank details :
  • Account Name : Bravo Travel & Tours SdnBhd
  • Bank Name : Maybank Berhad
  • Bank Address : No 1 ArkedRiaSatu, Komtar, 10000 Georgetown Pulau Pinang
  • Account Number : 557054612526
  • Swift Code : MBBEMYKLPEN
14.1 The company reserves the right to refuse any new booking upon exceeding payment terms or limit allowed until all outstanding are settled. However, an advance notice will be sent to notify your company of this situation.
15 Governing Law

This agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of Malaysia and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Malaysia.

16 Limitation of Liability

The Company acts only as an agent in arranging and providing transportation, accommodation, or any optional sightseeing tours, cruises etc as such, we are not responsible for any damages, loss, delay, injury or accident due to weather, or any company or person engaged in providing service including transfer and tours. The company reserves the right to cancel any transfers or tours or make changes in any itinerary as it deems necessary. The company is not responsible to any person for expenses, loss of time or money or other circumstances resulting from a change in itinerary or change of transfers or tours arrangements. Any person may be dismissed from the vehicle at any time by the tour manager, tour guide or driver concerned should his or her conduct threaten the safety of the driver or passenger(s). The company shall not be liable to any further action.